Why Do You Cry

Why Do You Cry

“Lovely vocals and piano duo (with Liam Noble) on a repertoire of sentient standards in which Wardell provides a model of the jazz singer’s art. There’s no urgent huffing and puffing at the melody, no finger snapping or mad-cap-scatting, just crystal clear diction, sensitive readings of the text, and an acute ear for the meaning of the lyrics.”

Phil Johnson, The Guardian.


Liam Noble, piano

Track List

  1. I’ve Never Been in Love Before
    (Frank Loesser)
  2. September in the Rain
    (H Warren/A Dubin)
  3. Why Do You Cry
    (Anita Wardell)
  4. Twisted
    (Wardell Gray/Annie Ross)
  5. In Love in Vain
    (Jerome Kern/Leo Robin)
  6. Do You Know What it Means? (to Miss New Orleans)
    (Eddie De Lange/Louis Alter)
  7. Bye Bye Blackbird
  8. Oh! What a Beautiful Morning
    (Oscar Hammerstein/Richard Rogers)
  9. Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love
    (Charles Mingus)
  10. Deep Purple
    (Peter DeRose)

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